RS232 Itm Touch driver for unix

This page is the home of the free serial (RS-232) ItmTouch touchscreen from ITM Inc driver for unix released under GNU GPL.
Linux support from Itm Inc was only provided throught a binary driver for RedHat 8.2 as a hack of gpm 1.3 emulating the suma protocol. But they provide us the technical reference documentation of their chip that permit me to write this native XFree input driver and make it freely available.
Many thanks to Itm Inc for providing us the technical documentation that make it possible to write this driver and thanks a lot to Equipement Scientifique throught Jerome Boulangier for taking care of our problems and making the relation with Itm.

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So theese 2 packages should provide support for the serial Itm Touch Touchscreen controler under Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, and IRIX operating systems.

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Last modified on January 31 2005