Tiny Planet Viewer


Tiny Planet Viewer is a real-time OpenGL viewer of detailled earth texture such as BlueMarble from Earth Observatory (NASA) or any other planet texture.
Vectorial data such as points of interest, boundaries, rivers can be superimposed to the texture.
In order to avoid dealing with one extra large texture at rendering time, the extra large texture is processed ( in a preprocess stage) to make a quadtree ( pyramids of mipmaps).
At rendering time, taking care of camera position, the earth is subdivied in quads of aproximately equal surface and only the needed textures at the needed level of detail are loaded then rendered.
The planet is tesselated along a Cube to Sphere projection, more details in doc/ are coming soon.
tinyplanet screenshot 1 tinyplanet screenshot 2 tinyplanet screenshot 3


  • Render day textures with lod
  • Render vectorial data ( points of interest, boundaries, rivers..) with lod


  • Software :
    Tiny Planet Viewer should run on any Operating system supported by SDL and running OpenGL >= 1.4. This is to say Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, MacOS Classic, MacOS X, Solaris, IRIX and QNX.
  • Hardware :
    To be fully usable, Tiny Planet Viewer need hardware accelerated OpenGL 1.4 ( texture compression, vertex array buffer... )
    Any ATI Radeon based grpahic card or any NVidia TNT2 or Geforce based graphic card should make Tiny Planet Viewer runnning fine.



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