It is a basic implementation of the famous tetris with Simple DirectMedia Layer Library (libSDL) released under GPL.
It is fully customizable ( background, board, piece's sprites and sounds) so you can easily create your own theme.
It is also a simple example for which wants to qucikly understand how to use basic SDL functions ( setting video mode, event handling, loading and drawing images, I/O, loading and playing sound...) and all of that with the great portability provided by SDL (thanks Sam !). Note that this is exactly the same source code ( without any preprocessing stuff) that compile for linux, windows and others (see wwwl.libsdl.org).


Playing the first level


TetrisTe requires the libraries: SDL 1.0 or later, SDL_image > 1.0 and SDL_mixer > 1.0
To download the latest releases of these libraries, visit www.libsdl.org

If you want to install theese libraries from your distribution packages, don't forget to install the developpement version of the packages. There are probably named SDL-x.x-devel, SDL_image-x.x-devel and SDL_mixer-x.x-devel.

Download TeTriste