Shuffle Puck Cafe

This is a clone of the game Shuffle Puck Cafe which was one of my favourite game on Amstrad CPC. It was also released on Atari and Amiga I think. For those who don't know, it's a ping-pong in 3d.

In this release you can play in tournament mode (only one level) and play against your friends via a net.

This is my first game and I know, my code is ugly compared to others free codes I have ever seen... So I apologize and if someone wants to tell me a better way to do something... I will be very happy ;)

Here is a screenshot:

It requires the SDL v1.0 or later, SDL_image SDL_mixer, and SDL_net libraries.
To download the latest releases of these libraries, visit

Download the source: shuffle-0.8.tgz (400Ko)

Download binaries (ready to play) for windows: