UR7HCTS2 screencoder from semtechSemtech UR7HCTS2 PS/2 driver for linux 2.6

This page is the home of the UR7HCTS2 PS/2 driver for linux 2.6. This driver stand as the module semtech.ko.
suitable for the 2.6 kernel series (only tested with 2.6.15 for the momment). This driver create a standard linux input event device that emits ABS_X, ABS_Y and BTN_PRESS events.
It can be used under X with the help of the evdev or evtouch X input drivers.
Many thanks to DeltaComponents for having supplied me a UR7HCTS2 board and specialy to Thomas Vögtle for the time involved in testing the driver.

Build & Installation

1) You need the kernel headers properly installed for your runnning distribution.

If you don't know if that is the case you can know it with the command:
$ ls /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build

If the result is an empty directory or an error indicating that this directory don't exist, then the headers are not properly installed.

Novadays, most of the distributions provide an easy way to install this headers....

with debian:
# apt-get install kernel-headers-$(uname -r)

# rpm -ihv kernel-headers ?

2) Get the latest package at the bottom of this page

Unpack it with:
$ tar zxvf semtech-x.x.tgz

and build it with:
$ cd semtech-x.x
$ make modules

install the module:
# make modules_install
# depmod

3) Test & setup

Load the module into the kernel (as root):

#modprobe semtech

Say (via sysfs) to the serio device where the screencoder is connected that it should be handled by our module:

#echo -n "semtech" > /sys/bus/serio/devices/serio0/drvctl

You should watch this message on the system console (or with dmesg in an X  terminal)

input: semtech psaux/serial TouchScreen as /class/input/input11
semtech: Semtech UR7HCTS2 detected
semtech: UR7HCTS2 successfully initialized in absolute mode

4) Track which device is new availbale in /dev/input/eventXX

TODO: add a script to detect the semtech device and create a link...

Installation of an X input driver

1) XFree / Xorg require an in put driver that interpret the absolute mouse motion of the linux input event interface.

I have currently only tested with the evtouch input driver. Please, let me know if you have successfully used another one.

You can download evtouch following the link at the bottom of this page

Install it following the installation notice

2) Configure X configuration file ( /etc/W11/xorg.conf with Xorg or /etc/X11/XF86Config with XFree86 )

Add an InputDevice section as shown below:

Section "InputDevice"
     Identifier   "Semtech Touchscreen"
     Driver       "evtouch"
     Option       "SendCoreEvents"        "true"
     Option       "Device"                "/dev/input/event0"
     Option       "MinX"                  "50"
     Option       "MaxX"                  "960"
     Option       "MinY"                  "50"
     Option       "MaxY"                  "960"

3) Restart X

For exemple, under debian, using gdm as a graphical login manager:

# /etc/init.d/gdm restart

With RedHat

# init 3
# init 5

4) Calibration

Please, follow the instructions given in evtouch documenation


old releases

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Last modified, the 03 June 2008